It finally happened, we got more than two days in a row of 'warmer than 15 degree weather' - yay!

The boys were out on their bikes, I took them on my singletrack course on the ridge just behind our house. There was more pushing than riding so the course might have to wait till next year, hahaha.

Then we headed out on the bike path and a couple of playgrounds for a few hours. Check out the sneaky pass Evan launches on me. ;-)

Yesterday I got out for a 100+ km ride to Millarville and the surrounding hills with Jeff and Dave. Lots of fun climbing, lots of good work, the temps were pretty much perfect and overall it was a great day in and out of the saddle. Any racer in Western Canada will recognize Jeff, he spends most of his spare time on the podium. It was nice to have the little freak along to do all the heavy lifting at the front of our group. Though the ride was fun, the results were even better, check out Jeff's diabolical grin - I believe that is directly associated with the amount of pain and suffering he had caused Dave up till that point in the ride, hahaha. Dave is still coming off a skiing injury that has him extremely vulnerable on the bike right now, something he's not used to and something that makes those kinds of rides fun, hahahaha!