Jun 9, 2010

Exposure Lights


Check out the shiny black gear. That is some sharp engineering, quality materials and innovative technology crammed into two nice zippered containers!


How come it's sitting on the kitchen counter?

Exposure Lights is sponsoring Team Canada as we head for the 24hr World Solo Championships in Canberra, check out their website it's niiiiiiicccceeeee gear.

In the package I got the MaXx-D for the handlebars.


For the helmet I got the Diablo.


Darth Vader would use these if he raced 24hr solo's.


Keegan wanted to show that his ice bomb and lava rocket shooter was in fact much larger than the Darth Vader lights.


The lights have good burn time capability, on the Low setting the built in battery of the MaXx-D will kick out 24hrs. I will probably use it mostly on Medium which gives me 10hrs. The built in battery of the Diablo on the helmet will give 3hrs on Medium but if I plug the the Piggyback Triple Cell (seen below) into the Diablo I will get 7.5hrs burn time. The Piggyback doesn't weigh much, takes up very little space and I will need that extra burn time as I'm a helmet-light kind of racer.

10hrs up front, 7.5hrs on my head, all wrapped up Darth Vader goodness... in my best British accent "Luuverly!"



When I pulled the lights out of the packaging I made the mistake of looking at the MaXx-D Seoul P4 emitters when I first turned it on, the blinding light reminded me of throwing stun grenades into a small room - total thought pattern interruption - awesome! A few seconds later the surface of the sun imprint on my retinas started to fade. Of course I had to repeat the process with the Diablo, this time thought process was possible and it basically went like this "wow, bright!"

Both lights are charging right now to make sure they have a full load, maybe later tonight I'll see if the MaXx-D light beam can move an inanimate object across the floor.

Speaking of other uses, I just got an inspirational idea for these new lights other than on the bike. With the self contained battery design and great portability, I'm thinking they will be a cool additional lighting system for the Nikon SB-600 and SB-800 flashes. I bet the shots over on my Big Picture images site will get some pretty interesting lighting effects over the next few weeks.

Exposure Lights, thank you!