The boys hung out with Grandma and Grandpa this weekend (thx George and Ruth) so Doreen and I headed out to the Nordic Centre for some mtb. As we drove out to the mountains the storm clouds were gathering and we were a bit apprehensive but once we were clipped in and sitting on saddles we were committed.

Doreen had made plans to hook up with Shelley, I rode with them for about 5mins to be sociable, then I put the iPhone earbuds in and headed off on my own for about 4hrs. There is a pile of new singletrack developed at the Nordic Centre, lots of buff trails with nice flow and spiky little elevation gains all over the place. Fun stuff that looks like the image below that I shot with the iPhone as I was waiting for the girls to catch up. You can see the same image in the video.


The storm clouds didn't disappoint, I wasn't too long into the ride when the hail started coming down. I threw my armwarmers on and kept going but it made for tricky riding with really slick rocks and roots. The roots were like patches of ice, entertaining and adrenaline surging all at the same time. Within an hour things had dried up nicely enough that the trails were back to normal and I just got on with having fun on some sweet singletrack.


leonsrocketcar said...

who has the joule?

Shaun Taylor said...

I've had it ever since they launched it.