That's right, prepare yourself for a video onslaught.

Here is the first test video, straight out of the box and onto my BMX helmet. This is a little 90sec loop just behind the house.

Last night I took it off my BMX helmet and strapped it onto my mountain bike helmet for a ride in Fish Creek Park. I had a great ride and pretty much had the whole park to myself which was awesome. Watch for the deer at 1:16 on the first vid.

I've spent the last three nights dialing in the Darth Vader bike directly below (a story for another time), it's a 2010 S-Works Stumpjumper FSR - what a fantastic bike!


Up next? I'll get the footage of the boys up from BMX on Sunday. I don't think the track sees too many cameras, a lot of the kids were paying attention to the 'hey cool camera' attached to my helmet. Some of them were sneakily lining up close to me to try and get in on the action. ;-)

A couple of hours of video processing later and here's the results.

**Caution to all grandparents, the third video shows Keegan doing a pretty good wipeout. Watch it with only one eye open and squint with the other, oh and clench your teeth. I didn't put music to his wipeout, I didn't know what would go with it, I suggest whistling something upbeat.**

Keegan has seen the video a few times now and fully understands the uncomfortable results of 1) sitting down on a BMX saddle (instead of standing), 2) carrying too much speed (keep your finger on your brake lever), and 3) that he doesn't have to race as fast as he can down all the hills if he doesn't want to.

Hope you enjoy the videos, it's cheaper than paying to go to an IMAX and better than most of the stuff coming out of Hollywood this year.