Jun 16, 2010

Picnic at the park

We got some rare good weather on the weekend so we headed out for an evening family picnic. I got this shot of Keegan standing on a big log while he simultaneously looked out on his battlefield to observe his troop formations in a very Napoleonic-like stance.


Along with the family picnic I also got in some fun riding with Dave on the weekend; it's the first time we've had a chance to ride together this year on mountain bikes. Probably a good idea considering we are heading off for BCBR in less than two weeks. We hit the Nordic Centre for an hour, to include riding down an unknown dry river bed in the middle of nowhere.

From there we rode trails to Banff with the final few minutes on the road until we got into the town center. By now I'm sure you all love my high-tech mountain bike video solution - iPhone in one hand and handlebar in the other hand. Nothing but the best in IMAX video quality for this blog.

Once in town, Dave proceeded to eat his body weight in calamari and a hamburger from Barpa Bill's, then sat around and groaned. I took a pass on Barpa's, choosing to stick with Infinit and remain groan-free for the couple of hours of riding still in front of us to get back to Canmore.

It was a great day out on the trails, looking forward to riding those sweet BCBR trails.