Only 2.5 days left until I put my toe on the line for another 24. The weather looks great (but it is the mountains and nothing is for sure out there) and I think my taper went well. I just got back from a 90min mtb ride where I lit it up a bit and I felt great. Even my BCBR leg injury didn't complain too much.

A sure sign that my taper is going well for a 24 is when the bike feels like it weighs nothing a couple of days before the race and several days before the race I'm really irritated if I'm not riding. Check and check.

So there's nothing left to do now other than the usual packing and organizing, clean the mud off my bike from this evening's ride, eat, sleep, stretch, hydrate and sharpen my Viking battleaxe. Yaaaargh!!!

As always, at some point through a taper for a big event I'll get a flashback to my childhood days in England and the Thunderbirds. Don't ask me why because I don't know, but I do know when I see the Thunderbirds countdown in my mind's eye.... it's awwwwwn!