Jul 3, 2010

BCBR the end....

My second year of BCBR, and I'm asking myself the question... what's it all about?

After 8 days of racing (including the Prologue), adding up to just under 24hrs of hardcore saddle time, 2 podiums, a bunch of mechanicals setbacks and finally 5th place overall (missing the overall podium by only 12mins), you sit back and think of the event as math-based numbers that relate to speeds, elevation gains, heart rates, mile, time, calories per hour, psi in tires and the list goes on, then there's the other part of BCBR and that's the part all about the experiences. There's no doubt the amount of experiences you have in these 8 days outweighs the importance of the math-based numbers. So what was BCBR about... a whole pile of experiences crammed into a short period of time.

Today we topped things off with a great racing day in Whistler, we missed the podium by 11secs which is kind of tough to swallow but the guys who beat us obviously deserved to be in front of us so it's all good. The trails today were fantastic and the weather was perfect.

I would post up all the videos from the entire event but rather than do that I suggest you go to the Norona channel, look to the right hand side of the channel for a pile of the vids, they are worth watching:


Here's a taste of what we got on our last day... before you watch it make sure you do 150 very fast jumping jacks, then 100 burpees, followed by a rapid 25 pushups, once your heart rate is over 160BPM and your vision is starting to get fuzzy at the edges you can click play and almost get a sense of what the course felt like:

Good times.


John F said...

Big congrats to team Crewe/Taylor!

Get a little rest now why don't ya....slackers. ;)

Shaun Taylor said...

Cheers John!

Good call on kicking it back for some rest... I've got nothing on my calendar... well except for that 24hr solo race coming up in 3wks. ;-)