***Warning - Espresso bizarro world***

I sold my Brewtus II and replaced it with a lever machine.


Why? A few reasons but each reason requires a 1000 word explanation of the why's and so I'll get to that another day... maybe. I still love the BII but it's moved on to someone else who will enjoy it.

I've had the lever for approx 5 days now and so far it's been really interesting to see what I can get out of it. I'm probably at 100 shots already and I've learned a bunch about the lever stroke and the machines requirements, but I also know I'm a complete lever newbie which is an interesting place to be in my espresso-world, considering I've pulled 10's of thousands of shots over the years but always on an E-61 grouphead.

I can see the ability to pull great shots on the PVL, different kinds of shots than the vibe-pump based E-61 but still great nonetheless. The PVL does fantastic milk, so there's no let down there in the small milk category.

I wanted to grab some vid footage of the PVL in action, as they say a video is worth a thousand words so here you go:

Here's the same lever pull shot with the GoPro HD camera, be sure to watch it in 720HD and click 'expand' for the full espresso fun.