About 90secs from the top of 'Race of Spades'. With a 24 Solo in 6 days I didn't hammer hard on this one, or take any big chances but I still let it roll pretty fast - because it's fun!

Here's some fast singletrack near the end of the trail. It's more typical of lower down on the mountain, lots of open space and good views.

Check out the 6yr old on the single speed hardtail. ;-)


Squamish Dude said...

what camera are you using?
I have a GoPro HD.
Looks like you have a chest strap of some sort, how do you like it?
Cool vid.
I've uploaded a bunch on Youtube and my blog...doing every trail in Squamish and linking it to the Tourism Squamish website...a fun gig that pays me to ride singletrack...about 7 down, almost 200 to go...sweet.

Shaun Taylor said...

I have a GoPro Wide and a GoPro HD. This stuff was shot with the Wide (hence the 'not as good quality').

Yeah, I have a chest strap, it's called 'The Chesty' and you can order it directly from GoPro or take a look around at online retailers - it's definitely the way to go for mtb.

Filming all that singletrack... nniiiiicccceeeeeeee!

Shaun Taylor said...

Hey, how come I didn't see you using the GoPro while we were racing BCBR?


Picture Zealot said...

That looks like fast motion. Pretty intense and keeps your concentration I bet.

The little guy can fly and it looks like you also taught him to be in control and safe.

Shaun Taylor said...

Hey Jeff,

Pretty intense for sure, but lots of fun.

Evan is a pretty good rider for his age, he loves challenging himself and sometimes I have to reel him in a bit, his 6yr old body trying to do 20yr old things. ;-)