Aug 29, 2010

The CompuTrainer

I targeted 20hrs of riding for this week and I just barely squeeked it in tonight.

This evening I had to spend 3hrs on the trainer in order to hit the 20hr target. So to save my sanity I loaded up some UFC and watched the fights which helped take my mind off the trainer work. During the last hour I wanted to fold time and space in order to make it end. Time and space didn't fold, I felt every minute of that last hour.

The CompuTrainer is brutal, it is a relentless and unforgiving taskmaster. 9 of the weeks 20hrs were spent on the CompuTrainer and most of that trainer time had me finishing up around midnight.

I don't think the CompuTrainer is a modern invention, I think it was created in medieval times and kept in the dungeon.

Now the whining is out of the way I feel much better.