Out for a couple of hours of riding and splashing in a creek with the boys. I just got the GoPro HD back from warranty so I mounted it up on the chest mount, unfortunately I didn't have it pointed high enough... next time.

To watch it in BIG HD click the YouTube feed twice and then click the expand symbol.

Later this evening we went to the Calgary BMX Racing track for a couple of hours. Tuesday night is Coach Night, the boys like it. They are doing really good for 5 and 6yrs old, the hills and berms in the video are waaaaay steeper than they look on this footage, I'm surprised they got up them tonight after riding a bunch of singletrack this afternoon.

In this video, Evan is trying super hard to keep up with the bigger kids, meanwhile Keegan is way out front as he got a head start from the coach who handed him his bike on the first hill after the gate.

This one they let Keegan get way out front again by giving him his bike on the first hill, I had to catch up to him without riding over anybody in front of me. ;-)