When I left the house earlier in the evening I had no idea I was going to be walking a Greyhound out of the singletrack trail system in Fish Creek Park.

'Neron' the Greyhound was just standing on the trail waiting for me to come tearing around a corner...


Catherine said...

My family and I enjoyed watching your video! I thought I would update you and your boys on Nerons' condition. He is doing much better, resting all day. His paws are swollen and he has a lot of cuts especially on his hind legs. I won't be walking him this week, or at least until he is all healed up. And when we do walk I am gonna stick to the basic leash.
You have a cute family! Thanks again for rescuing my greyhound.
P.S I'm not sure why he didn't sit for u (could be that u didn't have any treats). He really is a smart dog he can sit, stand, crawl, speak, jump, and play dead on command!

Shaun Taylor said...

That's awesome Catherine, good to know Neron is back in the game.

Give him a pat on the head for me!