The WSC newsletter went out this morning and it's got some good interviews in it, the three female athletes interviewed are bomber.

As this is the last newsletter to go out, you should probably print it off and frame it, I'm sure it will be worth, uhhmmmmmm, about a dollar in 30 or 40 years.

The video cartoon I created went into the newsletter, I just watched it again this morning and it still makes me laugh. The video has a lot of insider jokes. Russ Baker is the race organizer over in Australia and he's known for the beat-up old bush hat he always wears. I don't know if he's a barbecue master but aren't all Australians? ;-)

Stuart Dorland never offered to put his credit card on the table... or maybe he did??? ;-)

Jason English is the current World Champ and in previous newsletters he discussed the gear he was going to use for the race, he never offered to lend me anything... or maybe he did??? ;-)

'Special Russ Baker Podium Hats' - I wonder if it would be clean or come with a light veneer of sweat and Australian dust? Too funny.


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