Oct 2, 2010

Down under

So much to say, not enough time to say it... particularly when my Internet feed is pretty unreliable.

We flew into Vancouver a few days ago and then spent the entire day downtown. The boys got the whole planes, trains and automobiles thing going. Keegan ended the day by passing out in his bowl of noodle soup at a great hole in the wall recommended by BobbyK - he managed to dunk his entire chin in the soup shortly after the sleepy-head shot was taken. Then it was load back up onto the train to the airport for a midnight departure to Australia.






We landed in Sydney yesterday and grabbed our rental campervan, got straight down to Canberra and setup in our campground. Tried to get out to Stromlo to hit the course but bad directions and several other things conspired to deny that option. Today I got out to the course and Chris a singlespeeder from CORC, rolled up to me in the Stromlo parking lot and said "do you want to see the World Solo course?"... uhmmmmm yeah! So I got out for an easy lap and a bit of a chat with Chris. Gotta say the course is really flowy and fast, no hard sections to speak of, in fact there was very little technical out there, but it is a fun lap. In my opinion the best performances are going to be put in by really fit racers, the uber-gnarly technical descender won't have much of a chance to show their stuff. I'll get out on the course again tomorrow to form more of an opinion.


After Stromlo we headed to the Australian Parliament Buildings, a good afternoon of wandering around looking at some well laid out history.



Keegan managed to end the day by falling asleep before his meal hit the table, at least he kept his chin out of the soup this time. ;-)



John F said...

"Where beer does flow and men chunder"

Have a blast Taylors!!!

Shaun Taylor said...

Haha! Nicely done John.

Irene said...

Can wait to see all the updates of your race and travels. Love to everyone!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a great race Shaun. Looks like Keegan revived on the plane. RD

carmen said...

would like to catch up whilst you guys are in AUS. can you contact me via my gmail account. carmen winzar