I'm still a little fuzzy around the edges and feeling a bit beat up but overall I'm happy with the way the weekend went. During the last 4hrs of the race I pushed myself to new extremes as I tried to make back time after my seat post snapped in half while tearing down a technical descending rock garden - it took me 45mins of out of the saddle madness (with the busted seat post and saddle in my jersey pockets) till I got back to the pits and a replacement seat post. The rest of the race was a blur as I tried to get back my podium position. I definitely didn't hold anything back.

After crossing the finish line for a result of 24:23 of racing, approx 32,000' of vert gain over 350kms (219 miles) I laid down on some Australian dirt near the crowds and stared up at the sky to breathe a sigh of contentment. I didn't have anything left in the tank, my legs were fried. When it was time to stand up I needed to be pulled back on to my feet and walking didn't feel too good... but that first beer made up for it.

Overall I'm happy to have got on the podium in such a deep pool of talented racers. I executed to the best of my ability and was lucky to have it pay off with a decent result. It would have been nice to get a win again and get another white jersey but the two guys who beat me were both national champions in their category (Germany and Australia) and they worked really hard for their results as well. I don't mind being beaten by solid guys.

Assessing myself against the Elite's I would have placed 16th, which ain't so bad - guess there's still hope for us old guys. ;-)

So far the only race photo of me out on the course that I've seen is on the endurance racing forum and you can see it here:

I'm sure as the days go by I'll find some more and get some more thoughts typed up and posted up to the blog. Like I said, right now things are a bit fuzzy around the edges.

We are leaving Canberra in 30mins, heading out to Bendigo to visit one of Doreen's friends and then on to Melbourne. More later...

Thanks as always for all the emails and support while I was heading in to the race and all the emails I had waiting for me when I finished the race. I'll get back to all of you once we get to Bendigo.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the video, Shaun. I would be dead after 24 hours of that!! It's nice to be 'on the course' with you.

John F said...

It must be strange to be 20+ hours into a race, look over to see a kangaroo....

...And have it be real for once. ;)

Congrats on the podium finish racer X!

Shaun Taylor said...

That actually happened John, it was six in the morning and I looked over to the right and stared at the sun creeping up over the horizon - that reddish tinge. Then looked over to the left and saw two kangaroos boxing, seriously. All that ran through my head was "Wow, cool, boxing kangaroos. Wonder if can catchup to the racer in front of me?"