What does racing up a mountain with no seat post look like?


What does racing down a mountain with no seat post look like?



45mins of no seat post racing pleasure.

Don't wait until it happens to you in a race, go straight to your bike right now, tear off that seat post and hit the trails at race pace for an hour... let me know how much fun it was. You know it's fun!

Why are you still sitting there? Go. Now.


BobbyK said...

that is absolutely absurd! hopefully you didn't try to sit without the post... ouch. congratulations on your race and 3rd place finish. enjoy the beer, chips and the rest of your holiday. and was bbq master russ baker's food delicious?

Shaun Taylor said...

It was outrageous... but you know... a fun outrageous.

Eduardo Arguelles said...

that happened to me at the 24 hours of rocky hill on the first lap, sucked!

Shaun Taylor said...

Hey Ed,

Luckily you will get to have another go at it a week or so. ;-)

. said...

I broke a Thomson seatpost in a similar manner, exact same spot and Thomson said it was due to over torquing the saddle rail bolts. What is the torque spec for the bolts and could they have been overtightened? It's easy to do.

Shaun Taylor said...

I suppose anything is possible.