We've been settling in to the routine. Boys going to school, Doreen figuring out Yoga, me looking for races I've never done before... hey Scott, wanna do the 24hr Solo in Spokane at the end of May, it'll be a nice warmup for the 24hr Solo Nationals in Canmore, which will be a nice warmup for the 24hr Solo Worlds. ;-)


So the boys got into their outfits and I got to walk around the neighborhood with Batman and a Commando. It was pretty funny standing quietly in the shadows watching the boys go up to knock on a door, having a couple of parents walk up near me chatting away about 'whatever' and after 20-30 seconds of them standing there waiting for their kids I would finally hear "oh my, I didn't see you there". That's right... because I'm a ninja. ;-)



Evan turned 7yrs old. He had a FUN time!


Remembrance Day

We went to the Museum of the Regiments for the Remembrance Day ceremony. It was a solemn and respectful event, a good family tradition for the boys. I bumped into a guy I served with in 2 Commando back in the day and I shook some hands. Overall it was a good day except for two self-important moms with strollers. They were in front of us approx 100' apart and upon seeing each other (while they were walking around during the 1 minute silence) they quasi-yelled out to each other 'hey Martha, hey Betsy... I haven't seen you for a while, how are you... oh good how are you... we should get together for a play date... let's do that... you look so good... what have you been doing... etc, etc, etc' chatting away like they were in their own little neighborhood playground or shopping mall parking lot. Meanwhile hundreds of people around them are standing perfectly still, silent while the one minute silence is observed. Eventually I had to "PSSSSSTTTT!!!!" them from over 100 feet away, just to get them to shut up.

How did Remembrance Day become a play date opportunity?


Last night it snowed 6 inches. Taking the boys to school this morning consisted of driving down ice and snow filled streets with cars stuck in intersections unable to move on glare ice, causing cars to back up 50 and 60 deep. Ohhhhh yeah, my favorite time of year.

Or not.


Dave Coish said...

Black really is so slimming. Great looking family. Hope all is going well.

Shaun Taylor said...

Haha, Dave it's great to hear from you.

I like black, it makes me feel like sneaking around in the dark and scaring people with my slim-ness.

Still out on the coast, or up to no good?

Dave Coish said...

Reservist. Posted. Ref "Hill" feature. Home in Quebec due to dog not welcome in Ontario. Life treating me well. Take care.

Shaun Taylor said...

Nicely done. Home you are shacked up near a good poutine location. Keep your head down and enjoy the Hill.