Dec 19, 2010

Pyjama day

The boys had their last day of school on Friday. Evan had 'Pyjama day', got to take in a board game and a 1/2lb of Amaro Gayo Natural I roasted for his teacher. Here he is in the school gym singing Xmas carols.


Keegan had Pyjama day on Thursday, so for Friday the kindergarten class put on a special presentation of several Xmas songs just from them. They did a great job, actually better than the higher grades I thought, it was obvious they had put a lot of practice into it and Keegan was pretty proud of 'his presentation'. For all the non-grandparents out there... third from the right, in the front row. Keegan also took in a 1/2lb of coffee for his teacher, they both deserve a nice gift that's for sure and Amaro Gayo is a great coffee.


Now it's 2wks off school, the boys are pretty happy to sit at the kitchen table and do lots of coloring and reading.

Today they got out XC skiing and then we wrapped up the evening with popcorn on the couch while watching a movie that Doreen signed out from the library - 'The Spy Next Door' with Jackie Chan. Standard issue Jackie Chan but it made the boys laugh and they had all kinds of questions like "Why does he have a super sharp ring" and "Why didn't he...?", pretty funny stuff.

Tomorrow I've got to find a locally grown organic turkey for Xmas day. I've got a lead on one, hope it pans out.