Earlier this week I did intervals that were so intense I may have seen some alternate universes. Unfortunately the intense intervals weren't 15 second sprint intervals on the bike they were head over the toilet vomiting intervals.

It all started when Evan got the black plague on the weekend. The first sign he was under the weather was when he threw up lasagna... that's a bit odd I thought to myself but ok I'll grab the carpet cleaner and get right on that. After several more episodes of him not making it to the toilet bowl and the most impactful one being the yogurt and blueberries throwup (poor little guy) I'd learned my lesson as the carpet steam cleaner was going into overdrive. Salted crackers and sprouted whole wheat bread and almond butter along with water soon became his go-to solution.

Things slowed down on the Evan vomiting front, phew, glad he's getting better. Hang on, wait a sec, my stomach's not feeling so good, that's weird I don't get sick...

And so it began, 24hrs went by in a bit of a haze. Crazy chills and sweats, vomiting and hazy thinking. Three classic moments are etched in my minds eye, the first particularly intense vomiting session wiped me out so hard that all I could do after it was lay on the bathroom floor with exertion tears rolling down my face and saying out loud to myself "That was outrageous!", thinking that would be the last of it. The next classic moment had me on my hands and knees, resting my forehead on the toilet bowl and watching drool form a little pool on the floor, thinking that would be the end of it. The all time low was at four in the morning, laying on the bathroom floor (again) after a solid interval of nothing more to come up but hey let's give it a go anyway effort, watching the streams of sweat roll off my body and being so wiped out that I actually fell asleep on the floor... to the thoughts of that has to be the last of it.


In about 24hrs I lost 5lbs, and I didn't have much spare weight to lose. I was completely dehydrated, and dragging my feet like a zombie. I'm still playing catchup on my weight and fluids and the energy levels are getting better but everything seems like such an effort right now. Last time I was on the trainer was Sunday, how annoying.

Still, if you can only accomplish 10 things in a day, one of them should be pulling a small drink on the lever machine. ;-)

This is what I managed to enjoy today.


Espresso good. Black plague bad.


John F said...

That is not the kind of 24 hr event resulting in weight loss and energy drain you are used to eh?

I figured germs would be frozen up there right now.... weird.

Hopefully the K man and Doreen can dodge the sickness.

Shaun Taylor said...

Yeah, the germs should be shattering in mid-air in this cold.

It's gotta be some kind of Arctic black plague rather than the plain vanilla Ye Olde London black plague.

Anonymous said...

If it has to be, glad it's out of the way before Christmas. I don't want to experience it, and it would put a damper on the Christmas fun! Seriously, hope you are all in fine form soon. Kids do have a habit of bringing germs home, and you have quite a few years of it left. Just what you wanted to hear egh? RD

Shaun Taylor said...

Yeah, better that it happened before you guys got here.

If it's going to happen again I'm thinking of giving the kids away, interested? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yup, I'm interested in weekly segments! The healthy weeks though! Actually, any way is fine with me. RD

Shaun Taylor said...

I'll put them on the bus right now Ruth. ;-)

Anonymous said...

What time shall I pick them up? Greyhound or Red Arrow???