Jan 30, 2011

Cold winter Sunday

Yesterday we got a pile of snow, nine or more inches, along with some very cold temps. So this morning I went out to shovel the driveway again... good times. The minus 32 temps were enough to make me want to buy a lottery ticket as I dreamt of riding my bike in a tropical location. After getting back in the house I decided it was going to be a coffee and chess day.


Evan and I teamed up against Doreen and Keegan, I should have wagered on the outcome. ;-)

Last night we got a babysitter so we could head downtown to the Westin. Doreen was getting an award for 15yrs of service at Fluor. A nice meal and a few hundred people all kitted out in associated finery. I tried to make myself presentable, though I didn't manage to get the bike grease out from underneath my fingernails - an hour before we headed downtown I pulled my XTR M970 crankset and bottom bracket so I could swap out the rings and re-grease everything. ;-)

To demonstrate I do own suits and that Doreen doesn't point and laugh at me every time I put one on, here's the kind of photo you rarely see on this blogsite...



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