This morning I figured I would introduce a new move to the boys so I spent about a minute explaining what a flying knee is. Evan was pretty interested in it and he picked it up right away. Given that he's never seen it before I thought by introducing it as a flying knee followed up by a punch it would slow him down enough that we could talk about a few things but by the fifth attempt he was already wanting to invent something more challenging, as you will see.

The video is a bit deceiving, the shots he's putting out don't look like they are hitting that hard, but most of them are pretty solid. A couple of them actually penetrated deep enough into the pad that they made me wince. Either I'm getting soft or the 7yr old is starting to figure a few things out.


BobbyK said...

that is totally insane! it comes so natural to him.

Shaun Taylor said...

I think I heard Evan say he wants to get you in the ring. Better go find your gloves. ;-)