Jan 4, 2011

Racing this year

Spokane24Looking at the year ahead for racing I already have a couple of nice 24hr Solo races lined up. The first one in May is new to me but I've heard good things about it from Scott Legere, Dennis Smaggus and Steve Swenson.

24 Hours Round the Clock
is held in Spokane at the end of May (Memorial Day weekend). Memorial Day is considered the official start of summer, though we might still have snow on the ground here in Calgary... sigh.

I'm looking forward to getting out on a new 24hr Solo course, and Spokane is a pretty cool city, though I'm not sure how much I'll get to see of it during the long weekend. Doreen and the boys might go with me for this, the decision will probably get made a couple of weeks beforehand.

I don't think I'm going to do my usual pre-race course analysis for Spokane, I'm thinking more along the lines of showing up and following everyone else in front of me to see where the course goes. I'm sure I'll have it figured out by midnight. ;-)

Another big 24hr solo on the radar is the 24 Hours of Adrenalin race in Canmore near the end of July. Canmore is such a great venue, allowing for some really gnarly Solo racing.


Weather is always a big determiner of how that race goes, the mountains can be unforgiving. I've done a few 24's in Canmore and I'm pretty sure over the years I've faced nearly all weather possibilities when racing on those trails. Stuart Dorland always does a fantastic job at the Nordic Centre, I'm looking forward to seeing his grin this summer.

So what's going to be the third 24hr Solo this year? Well I'm waiting to hear where Worlds is this year as I'd like to do my 5th World Championship. Australia was such a blast and it's hard to come off such a massive event and not want more! The course was fantastic, the event as smooth as silk, a huge pile of talented racers toed the line which really amped up the effort-o-meter to 11... good times!!

Actually, I would like to do four 24hr Solo races this year, I'm just not sure where to get a fourth event in. I would have liked to do 24hrs of Old Pueblo in mid-Feb but the Solo category sold out while I was racing over in Australian. So with the Summer and Fall seasons taken care of, a fourth Solo would have to be towards the end of the year - and weather friendly - I'm not a big fan of racing in blizzards. I'm still keeping my eyes open for something in late Oct, or Nov.

With Doreen in Vancouver until Thurs (she's helping a friend in a time of need) the boys and I are doing guy things, like eyeballing deer.

And learning new MMA skills.

Just before Xmas, Doreen took the boys to Canadian Tire to find something to stuff in my Xmas stocking. Evan picked out these Everlast focus pads, pretty cool choice. While I was putting this blog post together he walked in with the pads on his hand just before bedtime and said "Hey dad, which do you want to do first, play foosball or teach me a new move?"


New move it was, their first taste of clinch knees. I think they both did pretty well for a quick explanation and not much correction. After the session, Evan trounced me in two back to back games of foosball. He's a foosball spinner. ;-)