DSC_9438I went out tobogganing with Evan yesterday. The 'official start' began with a pause and a smile at the top of a steep hill, providing a nice shot of Evan in the midday sun.

Next thing you know it was "Hey dad, watch how fast I can go down this section". Sure enough, speed + toboggans + kids means there's going to be air involved.

And there was air.

Most of the time the runs looked similar to the image on the left, flat out speed, go as fast as you can.

But sometimes the search for 'shoot over a bump' seemed like more fun and there was plenty of that as well.

The next three images capture the fun/lessons learned when you shoot over a bump just a little too fast and hard. Check out that big image, it was just the first of several bounces Evan experienced over the next few seconds. ;-)

DSC_9446 DSC_9447


A decent wipeout never seems to stop the fun. A couple of minutes later this was the view. It's good to be a kid on a sunny toboggan day.