So Evan walks up to me and says "Hey dad, I want to learn a new skill, how about this..." and then proceeds to do a flying sidekick across my office. I asked him where he got the idea from and he says "I don't know, I think I just invented it".


Here are the results after approx 10 practice efforts in the basement. Not too bad for a kid who 'just invented it', hahaha!

I took all the flying sidekicks out of the vid and slowed them down to 50% of original speed so he could watch and learn. He sat on my knee and watched the upload on YouTube and for every kick he was his own best critic "Hey that one's good, ooops I dropped my hands on that one, oops I wasn't turned sideways, wow that one was good...". Classic!

At this rate, he'll be working on spinning diagonal back elbows by next Wednesday. The kid is a sponge.

Wish I had started doing flying sidekicks when I was 7yrs old. Watching them in slow-mo they have all the elements of fun a kid would/should love.


John F said...

The next to last one is really really good for the first day of inventing....

Shaun Taylor said...

Yeah, that one actually moved me backwards.