Feb 15, 2011


Evan has been killing me at this game for a couple of months now. He's seven years old. Even when I try really hard he can still beat me.

Has it finally reached the point where the boys start to beat me at things? I suppose it was inevitable.

I'm 40yrs older than he is, which grants me a certain amount of craftiness. I'm thinking of elevating my side of the foosball table just a bit so the ball will roll into his goal a little more often. If that doesn't work I'll just have to destroy him at chess. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Yes, there comes a time in life when every parent just has to take his lumps! It will get easier..ha ha. I'm still getting used to it! He is a sharp kid though (all my grandsons are). RD

Shaun Taylor said...

He is a sharp kid. Still, those lumps are pretty big "Daaaaaad, I can't believe I beat you AGAIN!"

When he starts beating me at endurance races I'll pass him the torch.