Feb 11, 2011

Good reason to cry

Yesterday I was driving back from picking the boys up at school when out of the blue Keegan says "Hey dad, I know a good reason to cry", I replied with "Oh yeah, what's that?", and what I got back made me smile "If someone cuts off your hand with a lightsaber".

The rest of the drive back was spent explaining to the boys that it was ok to cry but immediately after your hand gets cut off by Darth Vader might not be a real good time... because the fight is still on with a real bad guy.


Keegan thought it might hurt too much to keep fighting, until I explained to him that sometimes you just have to keep going no matter how much it hurts because the consequences could be more severe if you just stop and accept further damage, like Darth Vader cutting off your other hand. Evan explained to Keegan that it would be hard to fight Darth Vader if you didn't have any hands, Keegan then explained to Evan that you could still Muay Thai cut kick Darth or maybe even knee spike him. Evan then threw in his two cents about not needing any hands to get Darth with some Thai elbows. Keegan then explained to Evan that instead of crying you could switch your lightsaber into your other hand and then cut off Darth Vaders hand. Evan said maybe he could use the Force to knock the lightsaber out of Vader's hand and then get him with a Thai kick. And so it continued... until we got home.

And so the boys learned a valuable lesson - it's ok to cry but not when Darth Vader is still standing in front of you, even if he just cut off your hand.


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