The boys now have Nerf Guns - someone gave them as a present for Keegan's b-day this weekend. If you're gonna own a Nerf Gun, you've gotta respect the Nerf rules. What rules? Well the same rules that apply for any kid who's dad used to be on a National Counter-Terrorist team. ;-)

I figure if they are going to hold a gun, point a gun and shoot a gun, even if it's a plastic fake gun, there are certain universal rules that should never get broken.

1) The finger always runs along the side of the weapon.
2) Never point a weapon at another person unless you are setting up to pull the trigger.
3) The only time there's a finger on the trigger is when the trigger is being pulled.
4) Repeat point #1, 2 and 3 over and over again.

The boys did pretty good with all of that, they also started to become aware of things like... you need to know where you are pointing your barrel at all times, locking out the arms, correct fighting/shooting stance, movement, etc.

There's lots of stuff to work on and have fun with but to make things a bit more complicated (and drive home some pointers) I got them doing some Immediate Action and Stoppage Drills. Basically this had them running at the target without a 'round' in the chamber, them pulling the trigger on an empty chamber, them realizing they had a stoppage and then having to clear the stoppage with an IA Drill. I think they did really good considering it's their first time.

Of course things always get harder under stress and the only way to get better is by operating under stress. Here's one with a bunch of artificial stress thrown at them.

If I can get them to start locking their arms out, squaring off that stance and maybe incorporating a fierce glint in their eye as they face the target I will have done my job. Or... maybe I'll just get them to do a bunch more goofy Nerf fun. ;-)