The boys are starting to develop a little bag of tricks. Maybe a year from now they will have an entire backpack full.

They were in a goofy mood this morning, it's always a fine balance between letting them have fun with the martial arts and keeping them in check.

Keegan got a chance to sit on the stairs and 'cool off' while Evan got introduced to a brand new combo.

Watch the learning evolution...

Every student learns differently.

Keegan wanted to put three things in a combo, so it was on to jab/cross/knee combos. If you watch carefully you can see where he bonked his knee but sucked it up because the camera was on. ;-)

It sure is fun watching both of them improve. One day they will both look back at this stuff and laugh, and hopefully teach it to/share it with their kids.


Anonymous said...

The padding on you leg is getting much more heavy duty Shaun. Does that mean the boys are getting through with more strength? RD

Shaun Taylor said...

Evan's technique and ability is so good right now that I wouldn't want to hold a little pad for him anymore.

That kid brings the heat!