Mar 1, 2011

Rotate that hip

Evan is starting to crush my leg. Either I'm turning into a softie in my old age or he's starting to bring the heat.

I was using the foam strip to represent a decent stand-off distance to fire the Thai kick from. Both boys were getting in the habit of leaning into the kick or throwing it standing straight up, rather than using it as an effective long range weapon. The foam strip is exactly the same length as my arm, from shoulder joint to end of fist. This made for a good demonstration of effective distancing from hand strikes or hand grabs. They realized they were effectively out of my static upper body range if they leaned back a bit but they were still able to bury their shin into my thigh/outer knee.

Keegan is starting to try harder now and his body awareness is getting better. I'm sure he'll smile at this 10yrs from now.


Anonymous said...

Both boys are sure progressing. Very impressive. Love the haircuts. Thought that would happen when spring arrived...ha ha. I'm sooo ready for spring flowers, etc. RD

Shaun Taylor said...

That makes two of us, it was -20 this morning, again.