I meant to put this up a while back. The latest Enduro magazine has a bunch of coverage on Worlds and inside you will find some great interviews and images. The double page spread image that opens the event coverage was so cool that I ordered the magazine shipped from Australia so the kids could check it out and maybe (just maybe) once they are older they will think it's a cool as I do.


Sorry for the low resolution image, just know it looks way better in the magazine.


Sure are a lot of 'game on' faces surrounding that Canada jersey!

If you want to order the magazine you can go here http://www.freewheel.com.au/ and drop them an email asking about Issue #18.


Anonymous said...

Ordered it for the kids??

Yah, my 47yr old kid. :)


Shaun Taylor said...

If by kid you mean acts like a 15yr old at times... Ok I'm busted. ;-)