May 14, 2011

Beaver teeth

Yesterday I headed out on the Lynskey 29'er for some singlespeed fun and test out some different tire pressure settings on the Maxxis Ikon/Stans Crest rims. In this clip I was running 18PSI in the back tire which was a bit too low but as you can see it was still able to perform well under a variety of conditions.

I had only been on this trail once before, a couple of nights ago, a new riding buddy dropped by to see if I wanted to go out for a night ride and this is what he took me to. All my helmet mount race batteries were still drained out from Worlds in Canberra so I threw on a bar mount light as a last measure. I don't like bar mount lights as I can't see into and past the corners when I'm moving fast and I can't see over the other side of small rollers. This problem became even more important as I ripped over a little roller and almost landed on a beaver which was sliding down a dirt hill to get into the river (away from me). My front wheel was right by its nose before I recognized the brown shape with my peripheral vision. The poor lighting thrown off to the sides of the main beams focus didn't give me any time to see the beaver before I was almost landing on him. It was a close call... for the beaver.

I wonder if the Maxxis Ikon EXO reinforced sidewalls would have protected my tire from those prodigious front teeth. ;-)

If you prefer to watch it in HD you can go to this link:

Or watch it embedded below in 480 (you can upscale it by selecting 720 or 1080 - and the 1080 looks great).