May 6, 2011

Doreen's thumb

Now that the 'thumb-crisis of 2011' has settled down a bit, I can happily report that Doreen's thumb is doing better. As most of you know, she went down hard on her first mtb ride of the year, smashing her Specialized helmet and her right thumb. The call I received from her shortly after the crash was 'I just crashed and my thumb is pointing in the wrong direction, can you meet me at the hospital?'


4hrs at the Foothills Hospital and a lot of sitting around was the name of the game. Keegan adopted this position around 2300hrs.


Doreen got her dislocated thumb pulled back into place by a 'war zone doctor' and words of advice along the lines of 'it should be ok'. A bonus removable fibre glass cast and we were on our way home by midnight.

It looks like Doreen will get to do her 3 day stage race in Fernie, good thing as well as she's been trg hard for the Furious 3. Being the generous and considerate husband that I am, I did offer to take her race spot which would ensure her thumb heals completely. She wouldn't take me up on it. ;-)

In other riding news, the boys are hitting the bikes hard. We got a 2hr ride in on Sunday and every day we ride back from school if the weather is cooperating. This afternoon I got them out on some simple singletrack about a 30min ride from the house.

This is the return section where I played 'catch the dad' with Keegan, he ramps it up near the end, nice work by the Keeganator. Pretty hard to hold the iPhone backwards in one hand, keep looking over my shoulder to watch Keegan and stay on the track. Glad I didn't hit a tree - that would have been embarrassing at low speed.


John F said...

Doreen's thumb = ouch!

At least you did the right thing offering to let her R&R while you did the work/task/chore of racing for her.

Nice try. ;)

The boys look great on the bikes ripping it up. Feels like yesterday the K man was getting his training wheels stuck in sidewalk cracks and getting upset and now he is closing in on zipping past dear old Dad. Yep...any "day" now.

Shaun Taylor said...

Oh yeah, he's coming and he's folding time and space to close that gap as quick as he can.

Anonymous said...

Two very fit boys who see exercise as 'normal'. They are growing and developing st such an amazing rate. When the boys picked their seed packets Evan choose beets 'because they are very healthy'. Not many kids his age would know that...or even like beets! RD

Shaun Taylor said...

Unfortunately I'm creating my own best competition. It's only a matter of time until the beet eating kids start beating dad. ;-)

Anonymous said...

after looking past Doreen's thumb in the first photo, by the position and rapt attention of my grandsons...I deduct there is a TV in their vision line. ha ha. RD

Shaun Taylor said...

You don't miss a beat, Ruth.