We got some riding in while we were out in Rossland (more on that later) the trails really are awesome - really, really awesome. That's a lot of really's in one sentence, but they are that good.

I did some riding by myself and I also hooked up with a local endurance rider/racer who gave me a solid 4hr intro to the trail system. We hit a pile of classic interconnected trails, mostly mixed flowy singletrack with lots of climbing and descending, you are either going up or down, there isn't a whole lot of flat. Perfect! It was interesting riding my 29'er hardtail still set up with my Spokane 24hr race singlespeed gearing of 32 x 20, fairly burly gearing for some of the trail sections.

Probably the best trail out of the 4hr ride... 'Full Monte'. A rocky fun descent that requires a fair amount of technical moves if you want to ride it dab-free. If you wipe out at speed on this trail you are going to feel it. Of course we were in lycra and the only armour we were wearing was, uhmmmm none. Here's a video of Full Monte shot by some armoured-up big suspension guy riding it fairly slow. About 40secs into the vid you get a good sense of what you are facing for a lot of the ride - sweet!

Before we left Rossland, Doreen and I got out for an nice one hour ride. Her thumb is still bugging her so we couldn't do anything epic or technical. That's ok, there a solution for that and it's called flowy and loamy. We jumped on a buffed out trail called 'Larrys' and another one called 'Moes' which delivered the goods. Doreen pushed it hard up the hills and had fun on the flowy down's. The weather was perfect, and it was good to be riding together.


Anonymous said...

Now we see the real reason you two want to move. It will be good for you to have lots of new trails for yourselves and the boys. We will miss you though. RD