Jul 10, 2011

Leaving Calgary

Finally I'm getting around to blog announcing our move from Calgary to Rossland. You will have to excuse the blog tardiness, I'd like to blame all the house painting, weeding and packing that's been going on but I suppose I could have posted up a bit sooner than now. My bad.

In case you found the last paragraph confusing I'll say it again - We are selling our house and moving to Rossland.

Why Rossland...

Doreen and I have always casually chatted about moving to a small mountain town where the quality of life focuses on outdoor activities. And so when the opportunity came up for a small mountain town move it was time to see if we had just been talking about moving or if we would actually do it.

We went on a couple of house hunting trips to the area and got to know Rossland a bit better. We did some mountain biking, ate in some restaurants and met some people. The town felt right.

The kind of stuff we were finding online read really well, things like...

Trail of the year and an IMBA Epic right outside our doorstep:


In winter the ski resort is 3mins behind the house:



Black Jack cross country ski club five minutes from town (how about this stat, 1 in 6 Rosslanders is a Black Jack member, which is believed to be the highest per capita xc ski population in Canada):


The mtb trails are fantastic, better than I had hoped for. On our second trip out there I had my Lynskey 29'er hardtail setup with a 32 x 19 and even though I could have used a 32 x 20 on some of the sections I still had a blast on the green, blue and black diamond trails I rode on. I think the Stumpjumper FSR is going to be fun on the black diamond and double black diamond trails as well.

How can you beat this kind of stuff:


Ever ride your bike and get the 'this is a million dollar experience' feeling? I got one of those while I was out there.

Doreen is excited about starting with a new company. The boys are excited about starting in a new school.

Change is good.

I know this is an incomplete blog post, lots of unanswered questions, but there are still boxes to be packed and things to be done so it will have to wait till another day. Till then, Google Rossland and start planning your trip to come visit us.


JD said...

Congrats to the whole Family on your new adventure! Are you getting new bikes to match your new house?

Shaun Taylor said...

There's been a serious effort trying to convince me I need a 7 x 7 DH bike but I'm holding out to see if I can get big air on my hardtail. ;-)