I did some good riding on Saturday. I headed down to main street and then out on Drakes, Doukhobor and then up on Tamarack, connected to the gravel road off the Tamarack descent and rode on up to Crown Point.

Crown Point consists of two parts as I understand it; the first part is the connector which is quite steep and loamy. The guys at Revolution Cycles described the ride to me and as as soon as I got to this point in the trail I thought 'Hmmmmm, are they setting me up for a challenge on my hardtail?'. This rock slab was pretty steep for the singlespeed and I didn't ride it.


Once past the rock slab everything was doable, not easy on the hardtail, but doable.

After a couple of minutes on the top section you get kicked out onto a gravel road and you have to keep an eagle eye open in order to get straight on to the main section of Crown Point. It's rated as a black diamond but I think it's a combination of harder blue with some black diamond thrown in that runs for maybe 20 minutes or so. Everything was proceeding nicely until I got a little cocky on a skinny, a long skinny...

Yup, that was a solid wipeout. I still have big bruising and swelling on my left hip. My right hand is swollen enough that it's hard to make a fist and my back and shoulder are sore. Not the smartest move I've made all year.

Sunday I decided to go for a 100km road ride since my hand couldn't handle the singlespeed. I road up to Nancy Greene park, said hi to Doreen and the boys as they hung out at the beach and lake, then continued on to Castlegar. 15 mins later a bee flew up my nostril as I was descending down a fast hill, as I blew it out it stung me right below the nose. Great... watering eyes on a fast descent. The subsequent swelling was enough to block off any nose breathing, which left me to finish another 2.5hrs of riding with just mouth breathing. It wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't so hot in Castlegar and Trail on Sunday (pretty much 100 degrees), but the killer was the final 2000' vert climb from Trail up to Rossland in just 10kms. By my math it's about a 6.5% grade on average but there are parts on the road that are a much higher grade. Combine the superfreakishly hot day with a reeeeaaaallllly long extended climb on baking tarmac and no breeze, throw in a whole pile of mouth-breathing and you have a recipe for wicked dry-mouth. Desert mouth. Dustbowl mouth. Dessicant mouth. You get the idea.

3.5hrs of road riding and I was glad to be home, looking like I got punched in the face by an elite MMA fighter. Stupid bee.