Aug 27, 2011

Time for a blog update

Things have been quiet on the blog posting front, so lets get to it...

My wrist feels a heckuva lot better after damaging it at the 24hr Solo in Canmore. The slow speed fall/attempt to stop the fall/large tree in the way of the fall/ causing wrist to over-extend/resulting mild sprain/wearing a stupid wrist splint/race stoppage after just 11hrs/that wasn't the planned results... was a bit irritating.

The singlespeed Lynskey 29'er was treating me well.


The conditions weren't perfect.


But I was feeling good on the bike.


Too bad about that tree-thing.

Once my race was stolen from me I switched hats from racer to coach and proceeded to help out the guys in the Solo pits wherever I could. Two of the best Solo results out of the race came from John Russell (one of my Texas athletes) who travelled all the way from Austin to see what racing in Canmore was all about. He placed 2nd overall and you can see his version of it here. Another great result came from Dave Franks (one of my Calgary athletes) who was doing his first 24 Solo and his first year of serious racing in over a decade. He placed 5th overall and you can see his version of it here. To say these guys dug deep would be an understatement, you had to see it to believe it.

After the 24 in Canmore I had to take a bit of time off from the bike to let the wrist strengthen up. The first big test of how it was healing was the Seven Summits x 2 assault with Scotty, seen in the blog post below. The wrist started to hurt around the 6hr mark and by the time the day was done my wrist was pretty unhappy with me. Over the last few weeks it's got better and better, hopefully it will be good for the 24hr Solo in Bend, Oregon in two weeks. Right now I think it's going to be bugging me by the 12-16hr mark, I'll just have to suck it up.

On the home front, we are all enjoying the amazing Rossland summer.



Some of the riding came with a learning curve.

For the last couple of weeks the boys are trying to pick their body weight in huckleberries and other bush fruits. Meanwhile, Doreen has been out with the girls shuttle ride, some solo riding exploratory missions and this morning she is out with a friend for a couple of hours on Technogrind, etc.

The trails around Rossland continue to impress, I grab rides whenever I can, looking for vert gain which is easy to do in this town.





That last image was from last weekend when I stitched together an impromptu 24hr Solo training camp. We got 112kms of trails, in 7.5hrs of ride time, mostly all singletrack. That came out to 9,000' of vertical gain. Lots of fun. No vehicles required.

Trails hit were... Drakes, Doukhobor Draw, Tamarack, Larch Ridge (twice), Montecola (twice), Gibbard's, Neptune Creek, Railgrade, Moe's, Larry's, Red Top, Red Head, Miner's, Green Door, Milky Way, Technogrind, Pale Ale, Dem Bones, Cemetery, Coffee Run, Roger's, KC Ridge and others I've already forgotten.

The trail network is world class in my opinion. Pretty much everything has flow or views, or both. Some of it is hard work, especially if you aren't a shuttle rider and I prefer to earn my vert descent. Here's a panoramic view from the top of the first pass on Seven Summits, done with Tyler from Revolution Cycles on Tuesday evening, yes that is his dog and he did awesome.


Thursday evening I got out for a quick rip on Drakes and Dukhoubor on my 26'er SS with the Powertap, it's fun to watch the insano wattage output of a singlespeeder struggling up relentless 15% grades. Nearly the entire year has been spent on the Lynskey 29'er SS, it took a while to get used to the 26'er again.

Coffee roasting every Thursday at the Rossland Farmers Market has been a lot of fun. I've met a load of people and talked coffee, a lot. Random groups of people stop by...


To buy this...


I just launched a website to support the effort...


Go here to take a look...

And that's it, I'm all out of time. Doreen is back from her ride and I'm gonna saddle up for a solo mission somewhere. On another perfect day...


Dave said...

Camp Taylor was awesome.
I left smiling and thinking about the riding, all the way home.....