Thurday after the Rossland Farmers market I headed down to Bend, Oregon to do a 24hr Solo race with Scott and Lisa. Road trip = good.

Doreen and the boys stayed back in Rossland as her parents were visiting.

Scott "more powerful than a ray of sunlight magnified through a microscope" Legere, deployed his singlespeed armada at the High Cascades 24 and crushed the competition, securing 1st place overall. I limped into 2nd place overall, happy to have survived "Anemia 2011".

Not bad for a couple of singlespeeders.

At the moment we are in a Days Inn in Bend after hitting Deschute Brewery. Scott and Lisa are both snoring (on the other bed) after passing out to Friends re-runs. I just finished a pile of weekend athletes files.

I am tired.

They are both still snoring.

Nighty night.


John F said...

This is great news..

You immediately started infusing yourself with the healing properties of craft beer. That plus some snoring of your own should do you some good.

Shaun Taylor said...

Some more snoring and a trip to a beer store to grab some awesome Oregon IPA's should begin the healing.

Anonymous said...

Well done Shaun.....single speed, hot sun, 24 hrs, no pit crew (except Lisa who did double duty), new track, long drive to get there, and the Canadians took 1st & 2nd.....excellent

All Ruth and I did was enjoy the company of Doreen, Evan,& Keegan: but we did miss you a lot