For your viewing pleasure, a little bit of Rossland riding on the 26'er and 29'er from last weekend. Always best if viewed in 720HD. Scott 'can bend steel with his mind' Legere came down from Nelson to hit the dirt, things were going well (for me) until we finished off the ride with a sufferfest up Red Mountain where Scott turned up the intensity factor to 11 during the last 3-4mins. Eeeyowch.

Coffee Run

Technogrind steep direction, not so easy on the 26'er setup with a 34 x 19 gearing.

Decided to switch to the 29'er and its easier 32 x 22 gearing, then headed up Red Mountain to meet Doreen and the boys at the top of their hike, a bit of Scotch (thx honey) and enjoying the views then some of the descent off the mountain.

The descent down Red Top and Red Head, some of my favourite riding.