Time to do a post-24 Solo writeup...

The High Cascades 24 was a fun weekend, mainly because it wasn't a cutthroat race scene and the weather was cooperative. The solo field wasn't as big as I'd hoped it would be, but it's not always about the amount of racers, it's more about the quality of racers. Quality showed up in the form of Scott 'I'm going to race until my calves get bigger' Legere. Scott was the guy to beat, acting as the quality-racer yardstick, though I suspect nobody in Oregon knew that until sometime around Sunday afternoon. Of course I know what Scotty's capable of and so before the gun went off I had come to terms with racing for second place due to my recently diagnosed anemic condition.

With a medical condition removing the 'performance pressure', I got to race in a casual fashion... well as casual as 24hr Solo racing can be, which made things kind of fun. Approx 12hrs into the race, riding a smart pace and staying on top of my nutrition I had 2nd place in the bag and was feeling great, at the 13hr mark I was a basket case and had to sit down on the side of the trail a couple of times and barely made it back to the pit. I was a zombie. Totally weird. I've never experienced that in any of the seventeen 24 Solos I've done. I made the executive decision that if I wanted to finish the morning portion of the race I would have to get some sleep and eat some solid food, the anemia or something was kicking my ass. So I ate and I slept for a few hours.

Lisa woke me up at 0600hrs and asked how I was doing and informed me that I was still in 2nd place but the 3rd place racer was closing the gap. That's all I needed to hear to get me back on the bike and do a test lap to see if my body had recovered. Apparently the sleep had helped because I was back to feeling normal again. The morning flew by and I was feeling good, I felt like I could race another 12hrs but there were only a couple of hours left and then the race was done.

Sunday afternoon consisted of eating, drinking and standing on a podium. Sunday evening was spent in Bend, mainly at the Deschutes Brewery. Monday we took our time leaving Bend and hit Spokane that evening. By Tuesday morning I was back in Rossland with a pile of dirty race gear and a grungy bike.

A lot of life packed into a weekend of good memories.

Thanks goes out to Scott and Lisa for letting me travel with them, a double thanks goes to Lisa who totally took care of everything in the pit and kept both of us on track which is a big job but she made it seem easy. Lisa should have been on the podium with us.

Ok, I'm all talked out, bring on the photos...

Night before the race in my fairly small 4 season tent:

My little 4 season tent

Sweet singletrack:

High Cascade 24 Hours

Railing a dusty corner:

High Cascade 24 Hours

Speaking of dusty, it was like Moonbase Alpha out there, duuuusssstttteeeeeeeeee:

Moonbase Alpha dust

Gettin' after it:

High Cascade 24 Hours

Post-race Scotty explaining that his calves normally aren't this big:

Nice socks

Scott for the win:

High Cascade 24 Hours

And another podium shot, only to demonstrate that my biceps are bigger than Scott's calves:

How come I'm the only one with biceps

When you get 2nd place you get to eat man-sized portions of protein:

Hunk o chicken

First place only gets a veggie burger (see how sad Scott is):

Thats not a meal

Second place also gets to eat entire pizzas:

Post race meal

And eat regional delicacies:

Biscuity good

Second place also gets to drink way more Deschutes Brewery beer than first place (see how sad Scott is):

Deschutes serving it up

Now that the race post is out of the way I can get on with other recent news, in the next day or so look for some family stuff and some riding videos from the weekend. Till then...


John F said...

You make a good case for second place. ;)

Shaun Taylor said...

I'd do it again if second place got the same benefits.

Anonymous said...

In the photo of you with the chicken, I can see so much of Evan in it. Neat photo. Congratulations on the win. How was the elbow functioning

Shaun Taylor said...

Maybe someday Evan will be holding up his own piece of really good, really big chicken and his kids will say 'Wow dad! That's cool'.

The elbow was pretty good until 20min into the race when the guy in front of me slammed on his brakes casuing me to crash into the ditch and land on my... elbow!

Anonymous said...

double 'ouch'. RD