Yesterday I rode up the highway to the Larch Ridge/Montecola trail system to see how the legs were feeling after Sufferfest last weekend. Overall the legs felt ok, still a bit tired but nothing that coffee won't solve. ;-)

(As always, the videos are best watched in 720HD)

At the top of the Larch Ridge trailhead, the course was looking good. Before I left for my ride I had to switch out my front Maxxis Ikon 2.2 EXO after a full year of racing and training/fun riding, it was starting to look a bit like a road tire. I do love the Ikon's but they are on their last legs. It got replaced with a Specialized Captain 2.2 Control that I picked up at Bow Cycle earlier in the year, overall the tire felt good up front.

I like the Larch Ridge/Montecola trail but I was there to see the course conditions for my last race of the year (unless I can make it to another warm and epically long race in the next month or so). I think the Rossland Rubberhead Bike Festival Super D is gonna be a fun event! The details for the race are over here and hopefully a lot of people show up to enjoy the course.


This is a 15min video I shot yesterday showing pretty much all of the Super D race course. I had to cut out 3mins of the video due to the YouTube upload limitation and most of those 3mins are climbing. If you are only into watching swoopy fast descending then move to the mid-point in the vid because the entire back half of the course is sweet downhill flow. I was going back and forth on which bike to race on, the S-Works Stumpjumper FSR 26'er with loads of full suspension or the Lynskey hardtail 29'er... I've decided to go with my hardtail singlespeed because the full suspension kinda feels like 'cheating', hahaha.

During the quasi-race effort yesterday the 29'er rear Maxxis Ikon 2.2 was sliding around a bit too much so I made the decision this morning to grab something with more grip. I dropped into Revolution Cycles to see what they had and ended up with a Maxxis Ardent 29'er 2.4 EXO. I just mounted it up front and moved the Captain 2.2 to the back. New chunky (humungous) rubber... nice.

They look a bit like tractor tires. Bigger than Scott Legere's entire bike kind of tires. Good end of season ride through anything kind of tires. Gnarly tires. If you see me riding them be sure to stop and say "Wow, those are big tires!", it will make me feel important and more capable than I really am.

Ardent 2.4