This afternoon I hit the (even more snow than yesterday) snowy singletrack on the Schwalbe Ice Spiker Pro's, after two days of riding they continue to impress. The attempt at riding these as a tubeless setup yesterday didn't work out as well as I'd hoped, by the time I finished that ride I was babying a super low PSI, I threw the digital tire pressure gauge on them when I got home and it read 8 PSI.

8 PSI. Yikes!

So last night I pumped the tires up to 40 PSI and left them overnight to see if they would heal up with the Stans sealant. This morning they were flat again. Time to throw in some tubes, which I wasn't looking forward to with the Stans Crest rims. To make things more difficult I decided to go with burly 26'er tubes so the stretching effect of 29'er rims wouldn't compromise the tubes throughout the winter. The low profile of the Crest rims and a lot of rubber made the Schwalbe install... difficult.

There was cursing.

With the tubes in and a couple of chores to complete in town I pointed by bike toward the singletrack. Lots of hard work commenced and I managed to ride dab free but I'd be lying if I didn't mention at one point I drooled on myself.

Once I got on the road at the top of town it was smooth sailing, so smooth I got pulled over by the RCMP for speeding in a school zone. Of course I had no idea I was going over 30 kph, I apologized and got let off with a warning. The RCMP officer was really quite decent about it.

I made it on time to meet the boys at their school bus pickup spot, I threw them a quick "Hi boys" and then proceeded to turn around and race back up the singletrack trying to beat the bus to the drop off point.

Today it was a tie, with the kids offloading just as I pulled up on the singlespeed. There was quite a bit of excitement for the kids as they got off the bus due to the car nose first in the ditch right at the bus stop. Luckily nobody was hurt based on the driver standing next to the car shaking her head.

Is it wrong that the first thing I thought of was 'Bet they wish they had Ice Spiker Pro's mounted'.

804 carbide tips of 29'er goodness.

Maybe they should have been on a 29'er