We got quite a dump over the last two days so I decided to take the GoPro HD out for a snowy ride. I was curious to see how the Schwalbe Ice Spiker Pro's would deal with even more snow and overall they did great.

Best to watch the videos in 720HD.

Hitting Moe's trail was good, though there were a couple of spots where it was a slog.

This nighttime footage is pretty fun once you get to the descending portion which is about half way through the video.

With this much snow on the trails the riding difficulty is determined by approach angles and how much of the snow has been packed down by hikers or dog walkers. I went anaerobic in quite a few spots, making for a really good training ride with an element of fun thrown in. At times I found myself riding into fresh snow just to see if I could tractor through it, most of it was doable as long as I kept turning over the pedals and shifted body weight to create traction. Lots of really low RPM out of the saddle work. Good times.

Snow bike