Yesterday we all got out for some family snow time.

A nice clear day.

Towards the end of the day Evan and I took a harder return route on a tight trail with lots of ups and downs. He did great on a tough trail.


Anonymous said...

The boys are sure progressing compared to last winter. Evan's confidence is great! Thanks for the views Shaun. RD

Dave Coish said...

Glad to see you are enjoying your new backyard. I think I missed a Birthday by a few days, so, Happy Birthday. One day your kids are going to thank you big time for setting them up to live life fully. Take care my friend.

Shaun Taylor said...

Dave, always a treat to hear from you!!!

Hope things are going well, wherever you are.

I just had a flashback to standing in the Senior NCO's shack in Vic, having a few laughs. Looking back, we had some good times.

John F said...

1) In the first vid you can see Evan does not want Dad to get in front of him. :)

2) At about 1:40 of the last vid..pretty darn good for a kid.

3) I didn't see any wood for your ski tip to get stuck on. Hahahaha! ;)

Shaun Taylor said...

That piece of wood had a tractor beam on it.