The last four days have been a pretty steep (pun intended) learning curve for the boys with an introduction to their first year on a big mountain ski resort. In previous years we've spent our time on cross country skis out in the backcountry rather than travelling to big resorts like Sunshine Village or Lake Louise where there are always huge lineups to ski on wind blasted hard ice conditions. With the ski hill literally on our back door step it was time to get the boys on a chair lift and heading down some steep stuff.

The first day was spent on the magic carpet bunny hill where they had a lot of fun (and a few spills).

Day 2 I took them up the chair lift and had them doing biiiiigggg s-turns and lots of snowplowing, the verdict was "This is fun! Can we go again tomorrow?", hmmmmmmmmm... annual family ski pass - check! Sure boys, that won't be a problem.

Day 3, a repeat of day 2. As an added bonus I managed to start improving my telemark skills, I've got a lot of room for improvement.

Day 4 (today) was a pretty big improvement for the boys. I got them down some green runs AND some blue runs. The blue's were a bit slow but down they went and the best part is they wanted more.


For an in-depth opinion of how good today was I'll turn you over to Evan and Keegan.

Hahaha, ok not exactly in-depth. Here's some footage of the boys on a mix of green and blue runs. It might not look steep on the GoPro HD but it looked steep to the boys. Evan is still a bit nervous from a big wipeout he took on his first ever run down the mountain but he's getting his mojo back and it looks like he's put it behind him.

As always, best viewed in 720 and full screen.

Last run of the day and you can already see their confidence building... and the speed increasing. Looks like I'm going to have to get to work on my telemark skills or they are going to start dropping me. ;-)

I was chatting with a local today who said this is the worst start to the ski season in 20yrs. I was thinking "Dude, there's snow on hill, it's sunny and a ton of fun" but I guess everyone around here is used to huge amounts of Kootenay powder by now. No doubt it will show up over the next month and then we too will understand and possibly be spoiled by the magical conditions everyone talks about.

Bring it!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Shaun. So great to watch the boys progress. They are braver than Grandma! RD