What do they have in common?


Earlier this week I got out for some skate skiing with Vic, 90mins of full-on race pace effort and I was trashed by the end of it. My cardio wasn't the problem but the new muscle recruitment due to my inefficient technique was burning my legs. By the time I got home all I could do was collapse on the couch and shake my head while staring at the ceiling. It was good to be out on the Black Jack trails working that hard, there's nothing like maxxing out the athletic ability to make you feel alive.

Yesterday we all went to the opening day on Red Mountain. The boys have never been on downhill skis before but they did great, maybe the years of Nordic skiing has helped them out a bit. Doreen an I were on our old telemark gear, that was a lot of fun. We did the math and it's been nearly 9yrs since we went out on the tele gear. Totally fun.

Here's a hand-held vid from my Android, trying to follow Doreen and Keegan down the bunny hill.

This morning Doreen headed to the hill for some solo tele while I hung with the boys. Then Doreen and the boys headed over to Black Jack for the Jackrabbit program while I headed for the hill to gets some more time on the tele gear. Big improvements today and can't wait to get some more tele carving in.

Day 2 of telemark on Red Mtn

After 2hrs of telemarking I went out for an hour of snowy trails fun on the SS. My normal route usually gets me 1200-1500' vert gain for the hour, a bit fatiguing after the tele on the hill, good character building stuff though. Along the way I bumped into Santa, apparently his sleigh was in for repairs and it appears that he also rides a singlespeed 29er when he needs to get from A to B.

Booyah Santa!

Santa rides a singlespeed Lynskey 29er

An update on the new house build... pretty much all the Gienow windows are installed and the plumbing has started as well as the electrical. The Air Source Heat Pump goes in on Dec 21/22, I'm interested to watch that unfold. All the roofing is complete as of about 2wks ago. There's always something going on at the site. Here's a shot of the boys looking through the living room just before the windows got positioned.

Looking out the living room windows