We headed to Nelson on Saturday to hang out with Scott and Lisa, always a good time. Doreen and the boys got a bit of shopping in and Evan got to cash in his b-day gift certificate to a Nelson book store courtesy of Scott and Lisa.

While everyone was wandering downtown Nelson, Scott and I got out on the singlespeeds and proceeded to mash out 2300' of vert gain in a couple of hours of snowy trail riding. How hard was it?


Scott's tiny 26'er bike was barely visible in some of the deep snow, whereas my mighty 29'er could be seen through even the deepest trails.

Deep trail

Here's a view close to the top of our route.

View down to Nelson

We did have a few laughs...

On some of the lower portions of the mountain we actually got some dirt. With Scott taking the lead on his home terrain I got to ride a variety of trails like Atomic Speed Goat, Frog Jump, Femur, and possibly others that I forget at the moment. Chasing Scott on first time descents was loads of fun, there's some pretty steep stuff in Nelson, not for the faint of heart.

Good times.