Wow, the boys are improving!

This first video was quite possibly the best day I've ever spent on a hill, not because the conditions were awesome but because I got to ski with Evan and watch him 'get it' at approx 50secs into the run. From that point till the end of the video he was trying to hit everything. I just watched this video again and laughed through pretty much all of it. This was shot with my GoPro HD on a chest mount, as always it's best watched full-screen at 720p HD.

Here's another one trying to follow closely through the jumps.

And the last run of the day through Evan's jumping section, my legs were fried by this point. All the snowplowing and speed-checking is a quadriceps pressure cooker.


John F said...

It must be tough having to live close to those uncrowded long runs.

Just terrible.

Anonymous said...

A winner in the making. So great to see how much he loves it. RD

Shaun Taylor said...

One of the best day's I've ever had on a ski hill.

Shaun Taylor said...

Yeah John, it really sucks, sometimes I've got to wait for a full minute before I can get on a chair lift.

A, full, minute!