Jan 22, 2012

A bit of catch-up

Time to do some catching up around here. I fell behind on posting up but for good reason, more on that in a minute. Rather than write a pile of supporting verbiage to get things back on track, I'm going to fall back on the timeless (and quick) pictorial method. ;-)

We have been...


Keegan on the lift


And XC skiing:

Boys at Black Jack

XC cabin

And looking for adventures:

Saw this on a ride so I took the boys to see it

And dealing with the new house:

And riding:

Night ride

Down the trail.

Riding past icicles in Rossland

A bit of black diamond

Cold ride today

Minus 15 Celsius

And signing up on short notice for the 24hrs of Old Pueblo (in less than a month!):

24 Hours of Old Pueblo

On a rigid 29'er singlespeed hardtail:

Niner carbon fork mounted up

And ramping up the training (rather quickly) means on top of winter riding I'm doing some of this:

First Computrainer session of 2012

Trainer time

Computrainer and a coffee

Before I continue, just let me say the CompuTrainer (above) was first envisioned by an evil genius during the times of the Spanish Inquisition. He believed it could replace The Rack as a form of medieval torture. Sometimes I would prefer The Rack or a solid flogging, after 6yrs on the CompuTrainer you would think I could wrap my head around those first few winter sessions - it's still hard.

Now for some quick verbiage...

As you can see in the ski video (as always, adjust the viewing quality for best watched in 720P), the boys are really improving considering just a month ago they were on the magic carpet bunny runs. Keegan is all about fast and Evan is all about technique right now.

You can also see a bit of Doreen in the video, her tele has really improved and her tele style is much more graceful than my tele style. Not only is she out-stylin' me on the tele boards she's also hitting the Black Jack skate ski and XC ski terrain on a more frequent basis than I am. Juggling a (very) busy work schedule and outclassing me on the snow, isn't enough, she's also decided to head to Spokane in April with Lisa and the two of them are racing the Spokane River Run. Doreen is doing the 25km race unless Lisa convinces her to do the 50km race (just sayin'). Doreen's stepping up her game!

And in case you didn't figure it out yet, the reason the blog posts have been a wee bit infrequent... well I can only blame myself for ambushing myself with a short notice 24hr Solo race. A concentrated focus on putting in additional winter riding hours has me riding instead of blog posting. The blog has suffered. My legs have suffered. The good citizens of Rossland have suffered, having to watch me ride over pretty much every single street and trail, every day, leaving tire tracks instead of ski tracks. But it's all for a good cause, racing for 24hrs in the Tucson desert should make for an interesting time. Even more interesting I'll be flying down by myself and doing it unsupported - no pit and no pit crew. I've never raced 24hrs of Old Pueblo but it's been on my checklist of things to do for half a decade. I'm looking forward to it. With Old Pueblo added to the mix it looks like I'll get four 24hr Solo's this year, which will put me at over twenty 24hr Solo races, deeeeelicious!

I'll make an effort to squeeze in a few more posts before the mid-Feb race, until then, I'll sum this entire post up by saying... things are good.

Till next time.


Dave said...

cool blog as allways..

love the fork.

now back to the sun and surf, just sayin....

Shaun Taylor said...

You better be pumping out some new PB's when you get back from those cerveza's. Just sayin. ;-)