Feb 2, 2012

Snow and desert

The Rossland Winter Carnival finished up last weekend. The town was busy with all kinds of activities, a really fun time. I course marshalled some gates for the King of the Mountain and got to watch the local rippers up-close as they descended three fast laps off the face of Red, each lap done on a different piece of gear - telemark, snowboard and downhill ski's. Impressive to watch, I've got a long way to go to hang with that crowd.

Here's some images I shot at one of the points on the course:





The next day I grabbed some quick footage of the bobsled race down one of the city streets, keeerazy! Towards the end of the video you will see a little bit of the bike leg from the John Heintz Cup. I was part of a five person team and as it turns out all of us had raced at The Sufferfest last October. We placed 2nd in our category but next year we are in for the win. ;-)

I've been out doing some riding; day time, night time, any time I can. I'm trying to get ready for the 24hrs of Old Pueblo which is about two weeks away and I've just got to say... it hasn't been easy with all this snow. What's harder than racing non-stop for 24hrs on a no-suspension singlespeed 29'er? Doing it unsupported. Doreen and the boys can't come down for this one and having done 24hrs unsupported once in the past I know how hard that is. Doreen is the pit-master and always manages to improve my results.

In order to improve the odds I'm trying to bear down in these last couple of weeks and forge the steel sword just a bit harder. I'll be glad when I can finally start racing, all this short notice cram-fitness has been hard but the rewards of racing in the desert will make it worth it.

I fly out of Spokane at 0600hrs on Friday morning, pickup my rental minivan at the Tucson airport (which then becomes my hotel and pit), head for a grocery store to grab water and food supplies, then it's off to the race course to build up my bike and have a quick look at the terrain so I can pick my gearing. Saturday morning I'll fill up 24 empty race bottles with Infinit in prep for the noon start. Sometime just after noon on Sunday I'll crack a beer, soak in the moment and then go looking for a shower and a hole in the wall local Mexican restaurant. Monday I'll be on a plane back to Spokane and will be telling the boys all about the race that evening. Except for battery changes during the night laps and managing clothing layers based on the conditions, I shouldn't have to stop very much, except to talk to all my bottles on occasion, because you know, you've got to update your pit crew... even if they are inanimate. ;-)

Here's a sunny ride from this morning, this is the trail I usually do in the middle of the night by myself. It might not look that hard, but it takes a lot of juice in the snow. Speed on the trails provided by a 50/50 blend of Brazil Bob-O-Link and Ethiopia Tchembe N2. Oh yeah! As always, best viewed via full screen in HD at 720P.


fuzz said...

Good luck at OP, not going to be there for the first time in 4 years. SS rigid out there is a blast! Heading out to race Warda 12hr in the rain tomorrow. Cheers!

Shaun Taylor said...

Thanks for that, I was hoping to bump into you out at OP just to try and hang onto your wheel for a lap or two.

Good luck at Warda, it's a fun course. Be sure to say hi to John Russell (one of my athletes) when you are there, you'll see him on the course.