Mar 15, 2012

2800kms later...

It's been a whirlwind of activity since I last posted up. Way too many stories to tell and simply not enough time to tell them, so I'm going to keep it simple and stick to images with quick descriptors.

A nice sunny day in Zion gave the boys some time to run around in the sun, pick up small rocks that looked cool (which have been in their pants pockets ever since we left Zion) and basically enjoy a beauty day.


Eating in Zion

Big burger

Pretty soon it was time to jump back in the Pilot and head for Las Vegas, polar opposite to Zion. Since we were staying in the Stratosphere we had to go to the top of the tower. The boys were looking a bit nervous 108 stories up so I had to tell them about how I'm scared of heights as well but that never stopped me from jumping out of various aircraft approx 360 times and being scared of heights didn't stop me from rappelling down lots of tall buildings and a bunch of other scary heights stuff. Evan asked "If you were scared dad, how did you do it?" and that lead into the discussion about facing fears and controlling emotions rather than emotions controlling the outcome. A big topic 108 stories above Vegas but it seemed to go ok as things got easier for them after that.


We left the Stratosphere and starting walking down The Strip, first stop was Circus Circus for a couple of hours of 'Keegan's birthday rides'.

Circus Circus

It's ride time

Fun ride

More fun.

And another ride

This one makes me laugh.

Now that's funny

The frog hopper

We walked up the entire Strip, stopping along the way to check various things out.

Caesars Palace

The target for the evening was the water fountain spectacle at the Bellagio, the boys thought it was "COOL!!", it is pretty cool at night.

Then it was the long walk back down to our hotel, along the way I had to fortify them with Tacos el Gordo, hard to beat $2.00 tacos and cheap horchita. I had the spicy pork and the cactus, like I said it's hard to beat for $2.00 in Vegas.

Cactus taco

With just a few blocks to go, Keegan was fading so I made a last ditch effort to get him back to the hotel in one piece by using the ace up my sleeve, otherwise known as a frozen Snickers ice cream bar from a CVS along the way. That worked for a few more blocks but in the end I had to piggyback him the last couple of blocks, his sticky Snickers bar fingers around my neck were an added bonus.

Up early in the morning to check out and head for Extreme Couture so the boys could look around an MMA gym, then it was back on the road and headed for San Diego to meet up with Joe, have a coffee at Bird Rock and a shrimp Burrito/fish taco at Bahia Don Bravo.

Bird Rock coffee

Bahia Don Bravo

It was good catching up with Joe, but with only a couple of hours in San Diego it was time to turn back north and head for Carlsbad so the boys could finally see what they have been talking about for the last few days... LegoLand. Fortunately along the way we had to drive close to Alesmith, oh yeah. Some tasty $1 samplers were in order, I'm sad that I had to drive otherwise I would have liked to taste all the taps.


Alesmiths tasting room

The most important thing that happened over the last couple of days? Seeing the (closed) gates of LegoLand. Tomorrow it begins.